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Disorderly Chic Boutique is a fashion brand that epitomizes cutting-edge style for pets and kids. With a focus on bold and vibrant designs, the brand caters to individuals looking to make a fashion-forward statement. Every item is made with quality and care, so that you can enjoy a special piece that won't be available again. From eye-catching prints to daring silhouettes, Neon Boutique's pieces are meticulously crafted to help you stand out from the crowd with confidence. Limited

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Introducing our Disorderly Chic Pets & Kids Collection that offers a variety of items such as Custom T Shirts and Pre-loved items. We pride ourselves on providing you with an extensive selection. Take a look at our categorized collections to find the perfect fit for your little or massive friend.

Uncover the Fascinating Origins of Our Brand's Story

Meet Ebony (Isis) Alston, proprietor of Disorderly Chic Pets. As a wife and mother of three humans, one fur baby, and a parrot, creating unique looks has always been her passion. It wasn't until someone wanted to buy an item she had created for her daughter that she realized her talent was a gift. Unfortunately, Ebony lost her sister and father within four months of each other in 2022. After a year of grieving and discovering her heart was only functioning at 40 to 45 percent, she knew she couldn't continue to mourn the way she was. Ebony wiped her tears and decided to use her sewing machine to create unique pieces for fur babies, channeling her grief into something positive. She takes pride in providing one-of-a-kind, affordable items for pets. Ebony is just starting on her journey and is excited for the next adventure life has to offer, hoping you'll join her. Get ready to experience Disorderly Chic Pets!

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Explore our most popular and highly-rated products that our customers can't get enough of at Neon Boutique! Our Best Sellers section features a carefully curated selection of statement dresses, edgy tops, and other unique and high-quality items that are both stylish and comfortable.

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