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Disorderly Chic offers personalized pet apparel that is sure to bring joy to all and give your pet some special pampering. Tailored and stylish pet clothing can make a notable difference in different environments, including:

  • Animal Shelters
  • Adoption Fairs
  • Dog Parks and Training Classes
  • Networking Events
  • Family Reunions and Photos
  • Boarding and Kennels
  • Rescue and Medical Agencies

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Uncover the Fascinating Origins of Our Brand's Story

Established in Maryland in 2023, Disorderly Chic has gradually evolved into an underground pet rock 'n' roll movement. Originally a side project, it wasn't until someone expressed interest in purchasing an item she had crafted for her daughter that she realized her talent was a true gift. Unfortunately, Ebony experienced the loss of her sister and father within a span of four months in 2022. After a year of mourning and discovering that her heart was only functioning at 40 to 45 percent, she understood that she couldn't continue grieving as she had been. Ebony bravely decided to utilize her sewing machine to design unique pieces for pets, transforming her grief into a positive outlet. She takes great pride in offering exclusive and affordable items for furry companions. Ebony is embarking on a new chapter and eagerly anticipates the exciting adventures that lie ahead, hoping you will join her on this journey. Prepare to dive into the world of Disorderly Chic Pets!

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